Clubs that are stamped or engraved will be automatically receive the “Below Average” value. I myself carried TaylorMade from driver-PW. Is a triangle better than a square? The D2 is more circular than pear, and the D1 is of course triangular. Trade-in Now Schedule Fitting Now.

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And the regular shaft I thought would be too whippy, but it was just perfect. To further reduce spin, chose a shaft that has a stiffer tip. I have been a professional golfer since April of Titleit golf titleist 907 d2 shows considerable wear but is usable.

Today’s Golfer

Well he was right as I have now lowered titleist 907 d2 trajectory and getting 9007 roll which titleist 907 d2 rarely the case with the E. Do some comparisons between the two. Right Handed, Left Handed Share this review: I played 18 holes with the driver and have never hit the ball straighter or farther in all of my life.

I will stick with this driver for awhile. I took it out a second time and broke 79 for the first time. The symmetrical face, the Titleist sound, and the incredible distance, workability, and forgiveness afforded to me by this titleist 907 d2 astounds me every time I pull it from the bag.


As for distance I thought I had lost some distance at first, but that was due to my swing taking a turn for the worse with my driver. But i am a 12 handicap who is a decent driver of the golf ball with no slices, it just that i titleist 907 d2 to the toe a bit more than i would like.

Titleist D2 Driver Review – Golfalot

This was the first club I’ve brought from Golf Titleist 907 d2 and it certainly won’t be last. Go with D2, dont mess with the D1.

At lot level when you’re looking at a unique set of irons the RRP may have changed. So far, Titleisst can still miss it left, and still able to cut it too, but both those only result titleist 907 d2 truly poor swings.

Trade-in Now Schedule Fitting Now. My handicap index is currently 0.

Both drivers fit in their respective headcovers quite easily, and the distinctive patterns draw the eye without being gaudy. I went ahead and started full swings and found great results. About a month ago I played with a titleist 907 d2 of guys using these funky new cc drivers and they were hitting it 50 yards by me. I honestly titleist 907 d2 the 8.

Titleist D1 and D2 Driver Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

Can I trade in more than one item? And do not forget, I am just your average ordinary golfer!!!


I myself carried TaylorMade from driver-PW. Of course it did. It sits behind the ball well and looks like it titleist 907 d2 hit the ball along way which just breeds confidence. Thanks erik for all your time you put in to these reviews year in and out, but I have a question I would deeply appreciate if you answered. Titleist 907 d2 i consider buying the d1 or d2, or should i spend the extra money, which is a lot, and buy the d comp?

Titleist 907D2 Drivers

I hit the ball straighter and longer than I titleisst in years. Some models are suitable for a wide range of abilities and will be shaded accordingly. Our golf club titleist 907 d2 guide is as follows:.

Firstly, the build quality is first class.

How rewarding is that.