It’s a shiny bugger, with a bright chrome back and sides and an extremely glossy front face. Show More Show Less. Will Get Job Done. The phone, compared to the metal LG Shine, is very light and slightly flimsy in feeling. Coolcamera a WM app doesn’t work. The tap, then tap again steps to launch programs from LG’s launcher, the too-small UI items and less sensitive screen that sometimes require more than one press make the phone seem less than brilliant.

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Also, it has a normal-sized headphone jack. If at all possible, I would try using the phone with another computer.

It’s responsive, but not multi-touch expected. Alas the chrome is paint over plastic, and the Incite doesn’t look like a pricey piece. I decided on the LG Incite.

LG Incite – Smartphone Reviews by Mobile Tech Review

So I found my bluetooth adapter for my PC, and after I installed the proper software I could connect to my phone no problem. At least I got bluetooth working again, but still, USB would be nice. We were very impressed to find that the Incite has an accelerometer, haptic vibration feedback that’s adjustable to one of three levels, a light sensor to set screen brightness this can be disabled and most impressive: After that, I just used the bluetooth adapter’s software to transfer files to my phone via FTP.

There is a stylus but no silo much like the Omnia, though we didn’t feel the need for the l as much with the Omnia. It’s hard to believe that out of every incit on this forum, no one has even the slightest idea of where to start The accelerometer is also a us slow for my taste, it can take 3 to 5 seconds to switch.


The Incite lasted us 2 days with moderate to heavy use.

LG CT810 Incite

I will have to experiment with this. Will Get Job Done. It’s been doing what I want it to do and many third-party solutions can solve most of the problems I’ve listed.

Now that’s a nice app would be a great selling-point. I’m at my wits end! The Wifi works very well, although I would like to be able to save multiple profiles that include both DHCP enabled networks and Specific IP address networks so far I haven’t got that figured out.

It also had tiny menus and for a guy with large hands like me it was kind of difficult to navigate. Please, any suggestions at all will be helpful to me at this point. What we don’t like is that there aren’t any HTC-like options for an enlarged Start Menu, and as a result it’s hard to select a menu item using a finger. Place a call and the screen does not immediately turn off. But, not every in the phone is good, i really like that this phone was made with better materials ok plastic, but better quality Although there’s gonna be a lot of bad things, they still aren’t as strong in comparison to the good things Bad things: We love it, but the one drawback is that the pixels leave little room above the display to actually see what you’re typing.

Overall, I would say that even though I’ve complained so much, it’s still a great product. That feature, previously found on few phones other than the iPhone supposedly due to Apple holding patents, is probably every phone user’s favorite.

Recent Drivers  SB82558B DRIVER DOWNLOAD

We do like that LG has added finger scrolling support most everywhere, so there’s no need to ly those too-tiny scroll bars. I have had no glitches usbb problems, and every application seems to work well.

Has a standard 3. Communications Port COM1 So I tried reinstalling the drivers from a link I found in a inclte on these boards after clicking uninstall for “Windows Mobile-based Device” and having it tell me that the device is necessary to boot up the computerbut the same thing keeps happening.

This double-tap is less than ideal, but LG set it up this way because you can do things to selected icons change or delete them. Now my computer doesn’t do anything at all when I plug my phone in, not even make a noise or ask about drivers.

LG Incite CT810 – Black (AT&T) Smartphone

I get home from the store, play around with it inctie let it charge for a while, then I try to connect it to my computer After installing ActiveSync 4.

This includes items that are defective in ways that render them difficult to use, items that require service or repair, or items missing essential components. Note that the LG Incite does not have a d-pad!