With her reputation as a timer growing, Judy embarked on a long career providing administrative support to major racing teams. You know by now how we all feel, so once again, love to you all Loti. Along with Howden, Judy’s children Eric and Erin and their families have lost a fabulous friend, mother and grandmother. Howden was Judy’s hero and she supported him throughout his Racing and business Career and more recently when Howden put so much hard work into the BRDC and particularly the support of Young Drivers. Did Judy ever raise her voice or get angry — we never saw it — always dependable, never complaining and so supportive; particularly when our eldest son James was a member of the BRDC Young Driver Programme racing in British Formula Renault and F3. Welcome to the Forum.

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InJudy retired judj driving but her involvement in racing was far from over. Love, Karen and Jeremy. Despite the onset of cancer nearly eight years ago she fought bravely against the increasingly debilating illness with ferocious courage.

Judy Ganley

She’s not actually racing this car – she’s in a Sunbeam Alpine at the car dealership However, there was much more to Judy than she let on, even to her closest friends.

Judy advising her brother, Ralph Wood It has taken me too long to come to terms with Judy’s death after her long battle galney cancer. Posted 08 May – Along the way Judy became involved with race car engineering and between and she assisted various Group C teams with racinng advice along with timing and lap charting. We enjoyed many games of golf together and she was always fiercely competetive which was undoubtedly one of the attributes that helped her endure her illness.

Recent Drivers  CAM-IMC109 DRIVER

For Judy it wasn’t any sort of hero worship that put them together hudy for Howden it wasn’t any sort of trophy conquest. Our thoughts are now with Howden. Posted 03 May – Not least of which was that delightful slightly crooked smile, followed by a comment full of dry humour! She was a lovely lady, brave beyond words and will be dreadfully missed by everyone who knew and loved her.

Splitting time between the U.

Judy Kondratiff (USA) – Racing Sports Cars

She was preceded in death by her father, John Belden Wood, Sr. Maybe Loti can enlighten us as to which year this Cabaret was performed!

After a whirlwind week of publicity events, the team got down to business with preparation and practice. A talented athlete, Judy enjoyed and excelled at golf, winning many prestigious amateur tournaments along the way. There is nothing Judy couldn’t have accomplished – she was a very successful racing driver, golfer, talented artist, tennis player, skiier, water skiier and gabley – just to mention a few.

Michael and Joy MacDowel. Best to all of you – Erin. Howden had gone out and ran some practice laps.

After attending her first sports car race inJudy recalled it was that smell of Castrol Oil which permeated the air, that stuck with her. Posted 10 May – That picture is beautiful and thank you very much for posting it.


Judy would often share experiences with Lorina when they met as unless you have been there yourself you cannot imagine what it is like, and they were able to give each other support. She frequently traveled to England, where she met the love of her life, Grand Prix driver Howden Ganley of New Zealand, to whom she has been very happily married for nearly 32 years.

Posted 05 May – Posted 16 May – She was a great person and for 33 year years she was Howden’s best friend and wife. I met Judy towards the end of her racing career in her own galney when we were in the States on the CanAm series and Howden was the ideal man for her to have met. The ball in was in memory of Eba Grant, the most loved Hon. No jokes about our balls getting bigger please.

With her success as a sports car racer and being a women driver, Judy was recommended to Atlanta based Baker Racing in Our thoughts are with you Howden, ErinEric and all other family members.