Then I summarize for those who have problems with this card The device is equipped with two Class-A preamplifiers for guitars, synthesizers, microphones, with individual ground lift switches for optimal audio performance. The manual is clear enough. The other two often has more latency but by setting them we can manage. Our members also liked: Although the unit does not have phantom power supply at the microphone input, quality of the analog section puts the cheaper E-MU USB 2.

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Very easy, nothing to do but set the recording levels. Output jack of 6. I started feeling emu 0202 limitations, surely put on the account of my pc configuration.

Settings for NaP3 can be found on the NaP3 page.

E-MU USB USB Computer Audio Interface B&H

They cause cracking or random saturation ASIO mode, even with a very large buffer size. The manual is not necessary.

Gnrale configuration is very easy. This is driver only. Some problems desynchronizations XP, which disappeared after passing under seven. I’m happy I replaced it after testing a and a Pricing 2002 specifications subject to change emu 0202 notice. ASIO buffer size is changed easily as well, there is no need to restart programs.


There is also a switching panel here. The other two often has more latency but by setting them we can manage.

Analog Input 24 bit Then everything was installed nickel. No Reason and Cubase at the emu 0202 time not cons. Radio Shack part is perfect for the job, or you can “roll your own”. I’ve read reviews where she cracks!

By using our services, 02202 agree to our use of cookies. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: Click on the Levels tab abd set the recording level to 2.

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In Reason I can choose between 3 driver: It is wise to download the latest driver from the E-MU website. There is also a beta for Windows 7, and bit. Itunes and video dansFireFox it works. Emu 0202 do you report qualitprix?

E-MU USB Audio Interface

My goal silent can record my guitar and my drums electro and mix with all other virtual instruments. Latency time too high. Never and that’s the problem. I do not exceed 5 tracks when I add the vocals. The software is reduced to a small window where the little select the sampling frequency and a small box TOOLS TIPS allows the use of the card with emh applications simultaneously.


Lack of “characters” of which I had the prampli to beginners. Are they emu 0202 put day? What technical specifications motivated your choice? I set the latency at 10 because the sound is altered with lower values! She emu 0202 doing well with trs trs a mini price.