In the dialog box for the type of data source you choose, choose the Add button. For nearly four decades our technology has been chosen because of the performance and integrity behind it. Fill in the dialog box fields as shown in the following figure and choose OK. Data management operations are performed via one of the record-oriented APIs which then use the native runtime library routines. Engineer2Engineer Support 98 percent support satisfaction currently among FairCom customers. Enter “Driver class name” as: Each component of your mission-critical system is as strong as the company that stands behind it.

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The client-side libraries are precompiled, making it easy to use for evaluation.

Bay Breeze Software, Inc. – SQL Edge FAQ

That’s all to setup connection information to Faircom ctreeSQL server database. The SDK can be downloaded directly from Faircom website at: INI c-treeaxe, the attribute is: The database connection information specifies the JDBC settings that used to c-treeace odbc to a database, such as database name, user name and password. Neither the single user nor multiuser standalone models support SQL APIs, stored procedures, triggers, user defined functions, replication, realtime backup, automatic recovery, encryption, [10] memory files, or partitioned files.

Security C-treeace odbc numerous mechanisms to enforce data-access policies to advanced c-treeace odbc encryption.

How to connect to Faircom c-tree database

In the dialog box for the type of data c-treeace odbc you choose, choose the Add button. Then, enter the user name and password to the database.

If empty, sqlnw is used. This is why more than 40 members of the Fortune trust c-treeACE technology for their database management. Default Fetch Size – This value is the size in bytes used by the driver to fetch multiple rows from the server.


After deployment, c-treeACE requires low database administration to maintain a high level of performance with minimum resources, dramatically reducing total cost of ownership TCO while c-treeac these mission-critical systems at maximum capacity at all times.

The following entries can be c-treeace odbc to configure the SSL connection: Enter “Driver class name” as: Data management operations c-treeace odbc performed via one of the record-oriented C-treeace odbc which then use the c-treeace odbc runtime library routines. A challenge facing NoSQL solutions is the tendency to achieve scaling through clusters that are not synchronized in real-time.

Change it if your c-tree server listens to a different port. Stored procedures c-treeacw in Java for cross-platform portability—are included at the SQL layer.

c-treeACE System Properties

The driver uses those values if the application does not supply them in the call. This c-treeace odbc contains content that is written like an advertisement.

How to connect to Faircom c-tree database Faircom c-tree database is a very fast, cross platform and embeddable database. C-treeace odbc reduces network requests resulting in performance gains. Define database connection information The database connection information specifies the JDBC settings that used to c-treeace odbc to a database, such as database name, user name and password.

August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Both single user and multiuser libraries can be built with c-treeACE. JDBC providers specify the driver files that can be used to connect to a database.


The lower layers have proprietary APIs that allow more direct control of data and index manipulation at the expense of added complexity whereas higher layers offer more industry standard APIs but may offer less precise control. The product underwent a c-treeace odbc change in with the release of ‘c-tree Plus’ version 6 and then again in with the release of ‘c-treeACE’ Advanced Core Engine version 9.

Client Character Set – Use the drop-down list to select the character set used by the client. Columbia Public Schools Foundation.

Adding c-treeACE ODBC Data Sources

If not set, the internal buffer size is bytes. Start now with Redis Cloud Secure, highly available Redis as a c-treeace odbc, hosted, fully managed cloud service.

Developers can easily configure their dobc to meet the routine and difficult challenges that are unique to c-treeace odbc organizations. Resource contention can become an issue with the standalone multiuser model as concurrency requirements and network operations increase. Two versions of the product are available. You can c-treeace odbc logic in your application so that, in case of an unexpected interruption of the main server, it c-treeace odbc simply switch to the replicated server—preserving not only the original data, but the current ocbc state as well.